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Definitions from Oxford Languages ·

  1. an easy remedy or solution, especially a temporary one which fails to address underlying problems.
  2. : an expedient usually temporary or inadequate solution to a problem

As noted above the simple definition of a ‘Quick Fix,’ has the word temporary in it. Another definition uses the word inadequate. We are all seeking a quick fix. It is completely understandable. Everyone is so busy with their day to day that they want to see immediate results. This holds true both in matters of life and family, and even more so when it comes to health concerns. It is essential to be able to distinguish between a true lasting remedy, and one that seems like a fix but is merely a temporary or inadequate solution that is sure to flip back over time. If the fix is only temporary and inadequate, has anything actually been remedied?

As a multitudinous amount of people can attest, having experienced the ups and downs of life, a significant amount of effort and work is required to rise above various challenging situations. When there is a real problem that one is dealing with, invariably, the cure will involve substantive time and earnest effort. When it comes to medical and health challenges, this holds true even more. Our bodies begin by whispering to us to take care of an issue. Over time if it is ignored, our bodies start to scream until we have no choice but to pay attention and seek medical care. Along the way, you may have taken measures to seek a quick resolution. Popping an Advil as frequently as a child may pop a sugared gummy bear, is not a solution. As pain syndromes advance, may people reach for Opioids for pain relief. This too is much like a band-aid offering quick pain relief, but not getting to the root of the issue. However, it comes with significant side effects that can be harmful, addictive, and even deadly. Yes, it takes more effort to resolve the issue entirely and do it in a natural way, but this is what we refer to as true healing. Sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom emotionally, or a devastating illness for us to realize that we need to seek medical help. Alternative medicine, Acupuncture specifically, can help achieve the mind- body connection when Advil/gummy worms, are not cutting it and fail to get us through life.

We must understand that despite the effort and time we are going to need to invest in dealing with our health, not only is this a wonderful investment, but it is also a completely necessary one. If someone were to lay out the conclusion of both paths for you: the superficial and the successful, and you realized with clarity the result of each, you would easily take the successful. An endless episode of tribulation of just swallowing pills and praying the issue goes away, vs. dedication, a little time and effort, for two months or so, and then the issue is gone, and you have never felt better.

When laid out like this, it is clear to see it is a no brainer. It is a shame that many of us lack the clarity of how simple this is when faced with the same issues with our health. In my practice I often enjoy patients reaping the benefits and proclaiming how they are sorry they waited so long to try Acupuncture. Sometimes they can feel the changes even after the initial treatment. However, I educate my patients that we are looking for true healing, and not just a quick fix. I ask them to be a little patient as their body accepts the healing and begins to make the changes. Acupuncture builds on itself, and thus true healing can be experienced when you have had your proper ‘dosage’ of Acupuncture.

Some of the most common health issues and illnesses I treat daily are examples of issues that began with subtle hints, when after being ignored escalated significantly. Stress and anxiety are something I successfully treat every day. Sometimes it can start at an early age. Sometimes it can be induced by a traumatic event. Other times it can be a response to tension going on in the world around us. In every case, it is essential to treat the individual according to their symptoms to find the underlying cause of things. When left untreated, it can escalate to depression and to an unhealthy level of simply not being able to manage the stress. Acupuncture not only helps relieve the stress momentarily but works to find the underlying cause of it, to change your base line entirely. With time, it will allow you to manage even the most difficult stress producing situations with grace and pause.

There are many distinct types of chronic headaches. There are also many different types of medications available over the counter. Some headaches are more debilitating than others, and some medications have more side effects than others. Acupuncture is successful with resolving the headaches and ensuring that they do not return. The beauty is that every person is treated as an individual and each headache is not the same. There are specific points for specific types of headaches. Getting to the root of the issue to stop it is the key. Not having to live in fear of returning headaches is the goal.

Joint pain is quite common and while it may be reactive to the weather, it may also come from excessive wear and tear. Understanding the cause is essential in determining the proper course of treatment with Acupuncture. The specific points can help alleviate inflammation, ameliorate the pain, and allow the individual to live life pain free. While back pain can be chronic, it can also be episodic in nature. Often when people are under stress, they can throw out their back. In a situation like this it is again important to understand the root of the back pain as well as resolving the stress.

Digestive issues can be very disruptive to your daily routine. Myriads of individuals suffer from bouts of gas and bloating. Bloating and distention can be an awful feeling. Others vacillate between constipation and diarrhea. Digestive issues in and of itself are painful, may be embarrassing, and can undermine your entire day. Acupuncture works to resolve the symptoms of discomfort entirely by once again getting to the root cause of the imbalance in your body.

When dealing with issues that are egregious and chronic, the issue can be accompanied by all sorts of subsidiary concerns that have become attached to the primary one. Of course, it may take a strong concerted effort to cure, and not simply a superficial quick-fix magic spell. This is not Harry Potter. Life is not as magical as Harry Potter. We need to deal with problems at the root, as opposed to simply postponing the pain until the next pill. Book your Acupuncture session with us today, and I will show you how to cure something for real, and not some scotch-tape equivalent of a Quick-Fix.