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Facial rejuvenation using Micro Needling is an incredible tool towards aging backwards. As an Acupuncturist, certified makeup artist and esthetician, I have spent years learning, practicing, and perfecting various techniques utilizing Acupuncture for the ultimate in facial rejuvenation. Looking good and gaining confidence, makes us feel good. This is essential both to our physical appearance as well as our mental well- being.

There are many types of treatments available today with big claims for anti-aging. It is impossible for the average consumer to differentiate between the various techniques offered, promises made etc. Often a decision is made based upon budget, and pictures which can be easily photoshopped. How do you know what’s real and beneficial? How do you know what won’t cause harm even leaving permanent scarring? How long will your treatments last? Will there be other side effects in the body?

Some of the common tried treatments out there include Botox injections as well as vampire facials. You may recall learning about Botulism, which is poisonous in science class in 8th grade. It boggles my mind how so many people reach out to inject poison into their bodies, with the interest of freezing or paralyzing a nerve. I have received many calls begging me to fix a botched Botox procedure right before a family celebration. It astounds me why someone would try a new technique right before a child’s wedding or other big event. The unnatural appearance of Botox is not pretty and appears very artificial. It works only on the specific area targeted. It also has a short life span of a few months at a great financial expense. Sometimes the bruising, swelling, and irritation is extensive and unsightly. Vampire facials would be at the top of my NO list. Google the images and you can see for yourself how this is definitely something to avoid. It resembles a bloody crime scene. There is significant down time, and it can cause permanent scarring.

At AcuZen Wellness, all services we offer are with our goal to encourage the healthiest you both physically and emotionally. Every treatment is custom tailored to you. This includes facial rejuvenation.
Micro Needling and Nano Needing are incredible tools to help you with facial rejuvenation. It is truly aging backwards. It reduces fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and hyper-pigmentation, it reduces scarring. It can speed up the healing process of acne. It can even help with hair loss.

The micro needling pen device oscillates or rotates over 19,000 RPM = rotations per minute. It painlessly permeates the epidermis layers of the skin to encourage collagen and elastin for enhanced cellular turnover. It allows for 3000% increased serum absorption into the dermis layer. This means the serums utilized are actually absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin were you need it most.

The best part of Micro Needling is that there is no down time! You will have an immediate glow, and should only experience some minor redness for a few hours. This varies greatly from most other techniques, where you need to stay holed up at home for ten days. You are unable to use cover up on the skin post treatment and therefore cannot be seen in public. While you are healing from those other treatments, you look… well scary is the most accurate description. How realistic is that? Who has that kind of down time?

Micro Needing has tiny very short needles on the tip of the pen. It oscillates so quickly that it feels like a buzzing on the skin. It targets the fibroblasts in the skin allowing keratinocytes to increase collagen and elastin for faster cell turnover for incredible anti- aging results! It does this without damage to the keratinocytes as often seen with other services offered. Most other treatments when wearing off will make you look worse than before you started. It literally advances your aging. This is totally the opposite with Micro Needing. Because we are using a natural technique with vegan stem cells, you will look better and better over time, in a more natural unprocessed way.

For best results, Micro Needing should be implemented once per month. On the down weeks, Nano Needling can be utilized for further enhancement. Nano Needling utilizes the same technology but does not permeate the skin. It enhances the treatment for speeding up results. Nano Needling is gentle enough to be used on the highly sensitive area around the eyes. That most revered area to help resolve dreaded puffiness, bags, even discoloration. It can also be utilized safely on the lips and the ‘smokers lines’ which are so common even from just smiling. A full course of 4-6 sessions is affordable, and lasts an incredible 3-5 years!

Why vegan stem cells? Once again, there are many products out there on the market. Many of them are highly controversial. They may have permanent side effects to your overall wellness. Some of these enhancements include PRP- platelet rich plasma, and embryonic stem cells. The cost is usually exorbitant, and the benefits are no different than micro needling. At AcuZen Wellness Center we use the purest form of Hyaluronic acid to repair the matrix of the skin for the ultimate in rejuvenation. We only use vegan stem cells for targeted concerns. Some of our most popular serums include: Apple stem cells from Switzerland, which have been proven to be effective in anti-aging with no negative side effects. We have an incredible collagen booster with Chinese herbs Xiang Gu, a derivative of Shitake mushrooms. It boosts collagen production for firmer more youthful skin. A brightening vegan serum utilized for reducing hyper pigmentation reduces melanin production in the skin and increasing luminosity. Our specially formulated vegan serum for under eye bags uses seaweed from the coast of Spain. It helps reduce the inflammation and fluid retention causing the eye bags. It aids the thinning skin in this area, ridding of dark circles and puffiness. After the micro needling treatment, we incorporate a wonderful invigorating cucumber and aloe mask. It both cools and calms the skin.

Subsequent to the treatment, you relax under a non-invasive LED laser targeted for the face. The BIO light therapy utilizes specific rays to further encourage the anti-aging process with no negative side effects. This enhances even greater absorption of the serums for increased cell turnover to reduce fine lines and wrinkles for the best in facial rejuvenation.

Our goal at AcuZen Wellness is to partner with you on your wellness journey. This includes helping you both look good and feel good. Aging backwards in a natural, non-invasive, and painless way is optimal. What are you waiting for? Get started today!