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In a typical day I treat many chronic, long standing health concerns. Acupuncture is best known for its incredible healing abilities for chronic conditions, even where a Western medicine approach may have previously failed. In TCM or traditional Chinese medicine, we evaluate the history of an illness. Sometimes a symptom left unchecked, will allow disease to ensue, and continue to impact other systems in the body. This would cause an increase in symptoms that may seem unrelatable in terms of its anatomical reach. I often ask questions of what was happening in someone’s life prior to the initial onset of symptoms. At times, there was an emotional upheaval from their daily routine, or an accident or injury that may have seemed unrelated. I allow extra time at the initial consultation for precisely these reasons. Understanding the trajectory of the illness is vital. It can often help guide me to determine what the root of the illness is, and what is background noise that should quickly slip away. It is essential to treat both the symptoms, while simultaneously getting to the root of the illness for comprehensive healing.

Many people mistakenly do not seek Acupuncture for acute health concerns. A sore throat, fever, body aches, a cold, virus, etc, typically have individuals running to their primary care physician, or an urgent care center if it is after hours. They will get tested for strep throat, COVID, or the flu. If it is positive, they are given an antibiotic, steroid pack etc. If it is negative, it is assumed to be a viral infection that must run its course before they feel better.

In Chinese Medicine we do not diagnose according to the illness, but rather according to the individual and their particular symptoms. The most advantageous time to see your Acupuncturist is at the onset of symptoms. As soon as you feel something is off, schedule an immediate appointment. Many explain it as a feeling like they are coming down with something or feel like they are about to get slammed. I spend a good amount of time educating my patients to call to get squeezed in for an immediate appointment. They know there is a magical window of time. If they come in during the first twenty four hours or so, we can often push out the acute illness entirely. It is quite amazing to have such a fast turn around and feel like you got away Scott free. If you come in a few days into an illness, we can certainly ameliorate your symptoms, and help you recover faster.

It is essential to be somewhat of a guru in terms of diagnostic skills when it comes to a Chinese Medicine holistic approach. We do not treat an illness with an antibiotic that can offset the fauna and flora in the Gastrointestinal tract creative ensuing issues. Please don’t get me wrong, there is certainly a need for Western medications and life saving measures. We are blessed to have these types of treatments available to us at such great ease. However, for simple acute illnesses, taking a natural holistic approach can be more beneficial.

Acute diseases are classified to determine an appropriate course of treatment. Someone experiencing a high fever is treated differently than someone who has alternating fever and chills, accompanied with body aches. A constant runny nose like a leaky faucet, is treated with different Acupuncture points than someone who has a stuffy nose that has productive yellow-green mucous. The prescription is the Acupuncture point selection, which is specific to that person in that moment in time. It strives to push out the disease to the exterior, while strengthening the persons immunity to overcome the illness. The difference with an Eastern or Western approach can be astronomical. Post treatment can be the difference of having a quick recovery, as opposed to those who may have post viral fatigue syndrome. This is something I treat often. Multiple long courses of antibiotics can weaken the immune system greatly. The person suffers from chronic fatigue that they cannot rise above. They are exhausted and depleted. In this example, the antibiotics suppressed the individuals overall Qi or energy. This would be an instance of an acute issue that became a chronic one. The Acupuncture point prescription would focus on supporting and strengthening the Qi to overcome the fatigue and restore the person to optimal wellness.

With any luck, you are fortunate to have already made Acupuncture part of your ongoing wellness regimen. Acupuncture should be your complete solution. It can help strengthen your immunity giving you a coat of armor. This way, you do not get sick often, and if you do get sick, you have a swifter recovery. It should be your go to for acute illnesses, to help push it out as quickly as possible. It should be your ongoing support for chronic and underlying concerns.

At AcuZen Wellness, we are happy to partner with you for your acute and chronic health concerns. Each person is treated as an individual and given the support they need to live life to its fullest in the best of health in mind, body and spirit.