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It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks. In this case the old dog is me. Working as an Acupuncturist and managing a wellness center is no small feat. The primary and most important focus is diagnosing and providing the best of care for my patients. However, in doing so, it has also become a requirement to stay up with the times and evolving changes. Ten years ago, if someone would have told me I would be videoing and putting myself out there on social media, I think I would have laughed! I certainly never envisioned using platforms like Instagram and Facebook for encouraging people to employ Acupuncture, and the incredible benefits of holistic healing.
For those of you who already follow me, you know I am not an expert on the nuances of social media. I’m not perfect. Far from it! Unlike many bloggers and promoters out there, I am not trying to be. What you see is what you get. I am not in fancy clothing under my lab coat. In fact, other than chap-stick, I am not wearing any makeup. Far from flawless, but totally genuine. It is important to me that my patients have complete trust in me, my medical and social recommendations, and in the care I provide. My patients and their physical and emotion wellbeing will always be my top priority. My sincerity is something that is not trivial. There are no smoky mirrors or illusions. I hope this is apparent both in my very natural, albeit imperfect appearance, but even more so in my eagerness to explain Chinese Medicine and how it can help you.

In my experience I find that both truth and competency are sadly hard to come by these days. I therefore try hard not to mince words. When I begin treating a new patient who has multiple ailments and chronic co-morbidities, I am brutally honest in terms of what their expectations can be. I explain that since they did not get this way overnight, it would be unrealistic to expect a resolution overnight. Instead we hope to see their symptoms ameliorate with a series of treatments. Their pain may lessen in intensity, frequency, or duration before we can achieve complete healing. I often recommend a conglomerate approach as well. An individual suffering from physical pain may benefit most from Acupuncture and Physical Therapy simultaneously for faster results. In cases where there is trauma and emotional turmoil, a combination of Acupuncture and seeking a Therapist will offer the most optimal healing potential. It is for this reason that I work closely with various providers in the best interest of the patient.

I wholeheartedly believe that Acupuncture and Holistic healing is essential for everyone! Preemptive medicine, and healing without the negative side effects of medications is our future. It is with that goal in sight that I have adapted with the times and started utilizing social media. I use it to help influence and gain awareness for Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. It helps encourage those who may not have previously considered Acupuncture as an option for wellness.

As Americans we don’t grow up innately believing that tiny, thin flexible needles, being inserted in certain points and junctures in the anatomy will help us heal. Thus, utilizing social media to introduce people to this concept can be helpful. Seeing images and videos on Instagram and Facebook of people receiving Acupuncture, in a relaxing environment can assuage their concerns and fears of the needles themselves. The social media images make a strong and long-lasting impression. The serenity and relaxing oasis at AcuZen Wellness Center encourages people to want to pursue self-care and wellness. Here are some recent examples of people who became patients from seeing a post on Instagram, that spoke to them and piqued their curiosity. They decided to give it a try, having nothing to lose, and were grateful after their treatments that they did!

A woman reached out to me having been suffering from chronic vertigo. It was unresponsive to the Epley’s test and Hallpike Maneuver often administered by an ENT or ear nose and throat physician. This is a manual manipulation where they lay you down quickly on a medical exam table and flip your head backwards to one side. If the crystals in the inner ear are misaligned, which is a common cause of certain types of vertigo, this can immediately correct it! The eyes are actually seen rotating quickly like a slot machine indicating to the physician that the maneuver was successful. However, if the treatment is unsuccessful, other than medications to help with the resulting nausea, there is not much they have to offer the patient. I wish more people knew about the incredible success of Acupuncture when it comes to treating all kinds of dizziness, vertigo and even Meniere’s Disease with tremendous success. Because we diagnose the patient and not just the symptoms, we are able to custom tailor a treatment to help resolve the dizziness entirely. For this woman who had been suffering for so long, it was truly life changing!

Stress and tension are a constant cause of both physical and mental ailments. This year has brought tremendous uncertainty to each and every one of us. For people suffering from underlying anxiety and depression, consistency and reliability is essential to helping them moderate their daily stress levels. Unfortunately, this year there are no certainties and this makes it increasingly challenging for individuals who rely on this. Acupuncture treats the mind and body alike.

Recently a patient came in based upon a discussion I had on Instagram about the overwhelming stress compiled between COVID and the recent and ongoing elections. She had no idea there were any alternative options aside from medications. We started her on a regimen of Acupuncture two times per week along with a CBD tincture. Within just a few treatments she was no longer feeling overwhelmed. Her anxiety was drastically reduced to the point that she was able to comfortably get through her day, and sleep through the night!

Sciatica and back pain are very common. It is often exacerbated by stress. Many people are currently working out of their homes in temporary make-shift offices. Utilizing a folding chair or working on a table with less than ideal height for a laptop is not a good long-term setup. As a result, many people are suffering from neck strain and back pain. A patient booked an appointment after seeing a post showing Acupuncture in conjunction with Electric Stimulation as a treatment for Sciatica pain. His pain originated in the lower back and radiated and traveled as a constant sharp, shooting pain down their left leg all the way down to their heel. From the description, I was able to immediately ascertain that there was an issue with a disc on the L5-S1 vertebral level. This diagnosis was made based upon the location of their pain according to neurological dermatome levels. After the initial appointment they described their back as feeling less stiff. After three treatments, the pain lessened in intensity from a 10/10 to a 4/10. The pain no longer extended to the heel, but was still felt in the back of the thigh. We were able to resolve the issue entirely over time. This patient has now become a believer. All this success and healing due to social media promoting. They have chosen to continue to have Acupuncture on an ongoing basis. Their treatments no longer focus on back pain but on prevention and maintaining optimal wellness!

There is no question it is difficult to teach an old dog new tricks. However, sometimes going outside of our- or in this case, my own comfort zone, has its rewards. It gives me tremendous pleasure being able to see the incredible healing benefits of Acupuncture on a daily basis. I will keep posting in my genuine and imperfect way on social media. I will continue to help spread the word and familiarize people of this incredible medicine, and everything it has to offer. I enjoy and welcome your comments and feedback. I am both proud, humbled, and grateful to be a partner on your wellness journey.