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Yep. It’s that time of the year. You know, the time we are supposed to be celebrating our freedom from slavery and bondage, but no matter what we do, we feel like we are submerged in a mire of stress and anxiety. We keep getting pulled down. We actually feel more restrained than ever. Pretend you are a doctor for a minute. Perform a quick self-diagnosis and see if you concur with these feelings. Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you lashing out at those around you with little justification? Is cleaning every nook and cranny of the house driving you absolutely up the wall? Simply put, you are stressed out and overwhelmed. It does not take a medical degree for you to realize that the Pesach preparation is getting to you.  However, it may take one to promote you to your best self this Holiday, and perhaps for the first time, actually feel like a free individual when you sit down at that seder and attempt to enjoy yourself.  Worse comes to worse, if the following little fix-ups do not work for you, and if you really cannot get to see your Acupuncturist before the Holidays, we have those four cups of wine to look forward to. Let me give you my professional opinion here: If you need them, use them! Sometimes pedantically following the halachot of Pesach can actually help alleviate all the stress and anxiety! Just forget about that mass cleaning you have to do, and look forward to leaning like an aristocrat, and enjoying four glasses of wine. God knows we need it! Here are a few simple tips to help you that can really ameliorate the extent of your stress, and you can implement immediately; on the way to your Acupuncture appointment of course!


Walking is so simple. But that’s exactly the thing. These suggestions are so easy that people rarely give them the credence they deserve. I also find that in life, the simple fundaments are often the most essential. Do not underestimate the power of walking. In fact, many times, especially during Pesach prep and cleaning, an added catalyst of your stress is simply from being cooped up all day. Many people do not realize that they can develop feelings of claustrophobia, and anxiety among other things.  This can be the result just from not seeing daylight the entire day, or feeling a fresh breeze across your face. Just think back to heavy Corona days and we all remember what it felt like to be in quarantine and solitude.  Try and remember how big an impact a simple walk made during that challenging time.  There you go, evidence! Many people have also been trying to access the therapeutic abilities of walking all wrong. It’s not just in the mindset, or rather, it’s in the lack thereof. Let me elaborate with the next tip.


You can and advisably should pair this up with walking. When you take a break, take that break and be present. Do not go for a twenty-minute refresher and be on your phone the whole time. Don’t start power walking around the neighborhood nagging yourself about which room you must have left chametz in, or which room you have to triple-check. This is your break, you owe it to your mind, and your body, which are desperately crying out for a reprieve! Give yourself that alleviation and tap into the presence of mindfulness. Do not ruminate over obtrusive thoughts. Listen to the therapeutic and healing sounds of nature. Pay attention to what is around you. Ignore for a moment the hustle and bustle of everyone driving to Florida, and flying off to Israel for the holiday.  Instead take in the sounds of the birds chirping, and the sound of the wind rushing through the pine trees as you take a leisurely mindful stroll. If you utilize your walk and exercise your body and mind properly, you will in fact succeed and deter stress.  You will come back feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world!


This third tip also juxtaposes well with the previous one. Mindfulness is in itself a popular form of meditation. But I would suggest, as another tool to quiet your mind and disperse the raging tempest in your head, that you grab a comfy chair, preferably with a straight back, but not absolutely necessary. Get into a comfortable position. Close your eyes, and simply focus on your breathing. It may help you to breathe audibly. It can be for as little as five minutes, but the most beneficial results really kick in when you do it for twenty minutes.  For all you moms out there this Pesach; No, you do not have to say a mantra, and you do not need to lay out your hands palm-up. Nor do you have to be a Buddhist monk, to experience the benefits of meditation. As long as you truly focus on your breathing for a sustained amount of time, you will reap the benefits, and you will enjoy the Holiday in a less stressful manner that much more.


The last yet certainly not least tip, is Acupuncture. Bet you didn’t see that one coming. The previous tips are all tools you can adopt into your repertoire and practice daily on your own to help alleviate stress. However, much of the time, you really may not be able to get rid of it, or even alleviate it to a manageable degree. We’re here for you. Stress is not a simple word for feeling under the weather. It is actually an adverse condition that affects your mind-body connection. Stress causes the body to stagnate, which in turn causes pain, both physical and emotional. Many of us are not experts at getting rid of the stress, which becomes problematic when it results in significantly messing with our internal balance. These self-applied tips can really help.  However, Acupuncture is the key to aligning your inner chakras, banishing stagnation, and completely getting rid of stress by manipulating the pathways of the body. You cannot change the reality of the environment around you, but you can change how your body responds to stress. If you are challenged having an effect even while utilizing your self-help tools, do not fret.  As with any sustainable effort, Acupuncture is here to save you and ensure that you will enjoy your vacation this Holiday. Take a break from your back-breaking labor.  Come on down to AcuZen Wellness Center, and let us help set you right. Pesach should result in freedom from stress, not induce it. Wishing you and your family a stress free and happy Holiday!