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One of the things I enjoy most about being an Acupuncturist is how each day is different than the last.  Minute to minute, patient to patient, I see and treat a multitude of illnesses and concerns.  I love that my day is never boring!  I especially enjoy that Traditional Chinese Medicine allows me to treat each person as an individual.  There are no one size fits all approaches at AcuZen.  Instead of treating an illness, I am diagnosing the patient according to their presenting symptoms and overall constitution.  The treatment is custom tailored to the individual, and specifically at that particular moment in time.  Acupuncture allows me to get to the root of the illness for comprehensive healing, instead of merely just using a band-aid to cover up the symptoms. 

My first patient today is someone who suffers from chronic anxiety and depression.  She has spent many years in therapy which helps her keep things at bay.  She knows to utilize her tools to help her de-stress.  Sometimes however, she becomes overwhelmed and just speaking about it, and incorporating her exercise and meditation regimen is not enough.  A friend recommended she try Acupuncture.  She started treatments just a few weeks ago and is disappointed she has not tried it sooner.  Acupuncture is something she can experience and reap the benefits from, without her having to do all the work. For those who suffer from depression, they can often feel exhausted and depleted.  Knowing there is something natural they can do without it involving them doing the actual work, is in and of itself helpful.  In this particular case, the patient had an imbalance in her meridians causing her anxiety to severely hinder her overall mood and sense of well-being.  By our supporting and nourishing those meridians we made a genuine shift that has made her feel vastly better, and given her hope!  She also enjoys sessions in the salt cave allowing her to further deepen her relaxation.

My next patient is a 76-year-old woman who suffers from chronic arthritis.  In her case, it mostly affects her lower back, neck, and knees.  The stiffness and aches are greatest in the morning.  She suffers greatly before and during the rainy weather.  She is unable to find a comfortable position and cannot sleep as a result.  She has recently had a multitude of steroid and lidocaine injections from her pain management physician.  Unfortunately, the pain relief was short lasting.  While physical therapy has helped her in the past, the pain in such a multitude of joints makes it especially difficult for her to do the exercises at this time. The pain management Doctor referred her to my practice.  The patient has realistic expectations in trying to mitigate the pain.  I began working with her as a systemic approach to rid the body overall of inflammation and resolve the pain.  We then were able to begin focusing on the particular areas of concern.  Additionally, I made dietary recommendations of inflammatory foods to avoid.   I am very pleased to say that she has been having slow and steady progress.  The lower back pain has resolved entirely.  The neck pain is mostly a non-issue, only acting up when first waking up in the morning.  We continue to work on her stubborn knees, and we are both hopeful that she will feel even better soon.  She is grateful and optimistic.

Vertigo, dizziness, and a feeling of being off balance are something that I often see more of with weather changes, especially at the beginning of Spring when it is windy outside.  In Chinese Medicine we treat something called internal wind.  Similar to the movement of a tree, you can see this kind of movement inside the body.  Similar illnesses showing a manifestation of internal wind, would be tremors or shaking.  Depending on there being excess or deficiency as the underlying cause, I can also observe the opposite where it is symptomatically an absence of movement, such as neck rigidity where it is literally frozen, or frozen shoulder otherwise known as adhesive capsulitis.  Parkinson’s Disease is an example of an imbalance that has both the rigidity as well as the tremors.  In all of these examples it is imperative to expel the wind from the body and help find and restore balance to prevent the symptoms from returning. 

My patient today is suffering from an acute bout of severe vertigo.  She is struggling with the overwhelming dizziness and nausea as a result.  I am able to use a system of Neurological Scalp Acupuncture which is incredible for expelling wind from the body.  Additionally, I use specific Acupuncture points to relieve the nausea.  I also encourage her to focus her eyes on something very small as she switches positions to lay down on the treatment table, as well as when she sits up.  I further instruct her to do this at home when laying down.  She feels a significant improvement after the treatment and leaves smiling.  I encourage her to come back the very next day to safeguard in treating back-to-back to ensure she has complete relief. 

Treating infertility is close to my heart.  There is no greater joy than helping someone struggling to conceive, helping them carry a healthy pregnancy to term, and finally realizing their dreams.  Secondary infertility is sometimes more common than primary infertility.  This means that on occasion, the person was able to conceive quickly the first time, but subsequently may have difficulty conceiving.  It often comes as a shock to them, and they begin to doubt themselves and question what they are doing wrong.  I am thrilled to say that most of my fertility patients have been successful and have gone on to send me beautiful baby pictures, and keep me updated over the years.  A few of my patients have credited me with helping them in not just one, but two of their children!  While I often receive updated baby pictures, I choose not to have a ‘baby picture wall’ in my practice.  For anyone who has been through the journey, it can be very disheartening to see baby pictures when you want it so badly for yourself.  I often tell my patients that the most challenging part of the journey is not having the crystal ball.  If each individual could see into the future and know they would be successful, and when it would happen, the waiting game would be that much easier.  Acupuncture is an incredible tool in treating infertility alone, in conjunction with IUI, as well as IVF.  Additionally, it helps keep the stress levels under control which is not only important to their mental well-being, but essential to the viability of the pregnancy as well.  The Acupuncture point prescription varies and is customized to the individual, as well as to the specific time of their cycle.  As an example, there are Acupuncture points that help encourage ovulation, there are Acupuncture points that help support and regulate the cycle, and there are Acupuncture points that help ensure Qi and Blood are flowing properly to help ensure a prolific outcome.  The key is in the diagnosis according to the patient.  Sometimes it is fast and easy, and sometimes the journey is a struggle.  I am blessed to be able to support their goals by helping make it easier physically and emotionally while utilizing Acupuncture to allow success for a fruitful outcome.

Whatever you are experiencing in your life, it is essential to make time for self-care.  Acupuncture can help you realize your goals as your treatment plan will be custom tailored to you.  You owe it to yourself to seek and find the best in natural healing.  I am happy to partner with you on your special journey and help you achieve optimal wellness in body, mind and spirit.