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There has been an increasing demand from people in the community seeking alternative and holistic medical solutions. Most people today are seeking natural health solutions.  They are interested in a holistic approach, where there is a mind-body connection, and in treating the entire individual. They are open to more natural remedies that don’t have negative side effects.  Acupuncture has gained recognition from the WHO, the World Health Organization, and acceptance worldwide.  It has become clear that it serves as an unparalleled proven method of pain relief.  Additionally it is a flagship in stress relief and most importantly in preemptive healing.  This has caused me to look to the future and expand my Acupuncture practice into a Wellness Center for the benefit of the community at large. 

I have been inundated with keeping up with my practice, while simultaneously overseeing the construction of the future home of AcuZen Wellness Center.  Many have stumbled upon it, and called, messaged, and emailed me inquiring and looking forward to the opening!  The new location is located just outside of Seasons supermarket rear parking lot, at 347 Mulry Lane in Lawrence, which is the corner of William Street and Mulry Lane.  For the 5 Towns original settlers, including myself, you may recall it as a pretty historical location.  It was originally a Church with beautiful cathedral ceilings.  It then became the Republican Club where many local political meetings were held including some of the founders from the Village of Lawrence, as well as Cedarhurst and the surrounding areas.  It was not until later that Mesivta Ateres Yaakov purchased the building, and primarily used it for storage.  We then purchased the property from the Yeshiva. We are very excited that the remodel and renovation is nearly complete and look forward to a grand opening- Coming Soon!

Our interest is to service the community with a Wellness Center that is a one stop shop for overall health and wellness for all.  The building itself is a two floor handicap accessible building.  There is a ramp with an elevator directly from the parking, which accesses both the upper and lower levels.  The upper level will consist of treatment rooms offering Acupuncture and massage, as well as a Yoga, Pilates, and fitness studio.  The lower level houses a Salt Cave.  The Yoga studio will offer a variety of classes for all levels.  Additionally we will offer unique classes including Mommy & Baby, as well as Restore Your Core.  Restore Your Core is a specialized class safe for women with diastasis recti or pelvic floor dysfunction.  It is a wonderful class for post partum moms, as well as mature women who suffer from bladder control issues, which are very common years after childbirth.  We will also offer classes that are slow flow and relaxing.  These can benefit those individuals recovering from injury, and relaxing classes for seniors where individual attention will be given.

Salt Caves have recently gained popularity in the United States.  They have been utilized in Europe for many years.  The Himalayan salt originated in the Himalayan mountain ranges in Pakistan.  It offers tremendous health benefits including overall Relaxation, respiratory improvement with Asthma, Emphysema, COPD, Allergies, and Sinusitis.  It also has proven healing benefits for skin conditions including Eczema and Psoriasis, and much more.  What is amazing about the wonderful Himalayan pink salt in the salt cave is the actual delivery system.  You simply need to relax and lounge in the dimly lit salt cave while breathing in the Himalayan mist that is dispersed in the air.  It requires no work on your part and is extremely relaxing.  Much like Acupuncture, the health benefits build on itself, and accumulate as you go more often.  We are extremely excited to offer both Meditation and Yoga in the salt cave for even greater health benefits. 

The wellness center will be a medical facility which looks to provide each patient with their own individualized path to wellness.  For example if someone is recovering from back surgery, they may best be supported with Acupuncture as well as gentle Restorative yoga.  Acupuncture would focus on rehabilitation, pain relief and healing, increasing range of motion while ridding of the post op stiffness.  By being encouraged to combine treatments with Acupuncture, and restorative yoga, the person will have a more complete wellness solution, and experience the post op healing much faster.

Another example would be an individual suffering with chronic asthma or respiratory distress.  They would be encouraged to utilize the salt cave.  It is extremely beneficial when utilized together with Acupuncture focusing on supporting the Lungs, ridding of dryness, or fluid accumulation in the lungs, whatever may be the particular case.  Even a young child suffering with asthma can benefit by sitting and playing with the Himalayan salt in the salt cave, much like they would play with the sand at the beach. Someone experiencing stress and anxiety may find the best relief with Acupuncture, massage, and a slow flow yoga class. Together they all help realize the goal in a more multi faceted approach. The list goes on. 

A conglomerative approach in medicine means the practitioners are all working together for the best interest of the patient’s overall physical health and mental well being.  This approach is something that our health care system has failed to provide with today’s health care challenges.  We look to bring back the personal and familial integrative approach in medicine. 

We are excited about answering this important need to our community.  We look forward to greeting you and helping you achieve your health care goals.

Look for our Grand Opening on Sunday, June 30th.  More details to follow!


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    1. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on proper nutrition! Many fad diets today have sadly forgotten about the QUALITY of natural food from the earth. Many times it is unfortunately why there is so much illness today. Constantly consuming so many processed foods reeks havoc on our bodies that were not meant to break down the chemicals. Please come back and visit and read more articles and share your thoughts!

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