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I’m writing this article on a JetBlue flight taking me to Vegas for a convention. It is my first time going. Had someone told me I’d be going to Vegas during Aseret Yemei Teshuvah, I’m certain I would have laughed at the preposterous notion. Yet here I am scribbling notes atop the plane’s tray table.

In terms of schedules, it’s not an easy week to be away from my patients, and yet here I am. I treated patients from 7 a.m. today until moments before I boarded my evening flight. I didn’t get to choose the schedule of this convention or I certainly would have chosen a different week.

For those of you who follow my articles, you may be surprised by the content this time. I always write about topics that directly benefit your health. At the same time, looking good and gaining confidence in your appearance is essential to helping you feel good! In holistic medicine, we take pride in treating the whole you.

The Rodan+Fields convention is a huge, well-attended opportunity for consultants to learn about new-product unveilings and to better guide their customers in various skincare regimens. Rodan+Fields is a skincare company created by doctors Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields, who first created the worldwide brand Proactiv in the 1980s for teenage acne.

Rodan+Fields originally launched in department stores and was a huge success. When the Internet hit, the doctors decided to pull it from shelves and put the business opportunity in the hands of the people who use the products. What a novel idea. How much better to get a recommendation for skincare products from a friend who has benefited, rather than from a salesperson in a department store looking to fill a quota.

One of the many reasons I love this company is the 60-day empty-bottle money-back guarantee. No risk! Simply try out products, and if not satisfied return the unused portion within 60 days for a full refund. The doctors don’t take a personal salary from the company. Instead they support Prescription for Change, a charity which continues to do amazing things for underprivileged kids.

There is a regimen for every type of skin. Essentially, you are bringing the dermatologist’s office into your bathroom. The Soothe regimen calms rosacea, clears eczema, and treats sensitive skin; it is essential in my practice as I treat various skin conditions. The Reverse regimen rids unsightly sunspots and rids melasma (the “mask of pregnancy”). The Unblemish regimen clears acne in teenagers and adults. The Redefine regimen is the #1 anti-aging skincare in the U.S.

All regimens include an SPF in the final step. This is essential in helping protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

These products work differently than anything else you have tried because they are multi-med therapy. The right ingredients used in the right order deliver clinically proven results. You can finally toss out your skincare junk drawer of products you have spent a small fortune on over the years.

I am grateful for my practice and having the opportunity to help guide people on their wellness journey. I am also a certified makeup artist and esthetician and thus incorporate facial rejuvenation into my acupuncture practice. I never thought I would be introducing people to skincare products. But after my own experience using the products, I was blown away by how effective they were.

Two years ago, I had treated patients all day and left with my family to Antigua for winter vacation. After the last-minute packing, flight, car rental, and trip to the hotel, my kids were eager to go swimming. I smothered them in sunscreen and sat down for just a minute while they enjoyed themselves. I figured I would go unpack, then apply sunscreen on myself and join them. I have always practiced what I preach in terms of how essential sun protection is. However, as the exhaustion of the day set in, I fell asleep in the sun. I dozed off as my teenagers were frolicking in the pool.

I had no idea that Antigua is close to the equator and was shocked by the sun damage I suffered in such a short time. I awoke to red-hot blistering skin on my face and neck. I got through the next few days with a constant supply of aloe in an attempt to soothe the burn. When I returned home, I contacted a friend I had seen posting on Facebook about reversing sun damage. I told her I was not interested in selling but only wanted to try the products. I was desperate for a solution to the unsightly brown sunspots that were spread across my face.

Fast-forward to my becoming addicted to these highly effective products! I realized I had to share these amazing products with friends, family, and patients. I no longer wear any concealer or foundation, and am often mistaken for a sister to my daughters–which I thoroughly enjoy!

My children use the Unblemish line for acne, and their friends have remarked how clear their skin is and have contacted me for the products. Teenagers who have lived with acne-prone skin and have been embarrassed for years will now feel more confident with their new clear skin. Even my husband, a former Irish Spring soap face-washer, is now enjoying the benefits of the Redefine anti-aging line.

Business is different in 2016, as stated in Forbes in a recent article regarding e-commerce. (See We can all stand to gain from having our friends recommend products, and jumping into innovative business opportunities.

As far as the conference this week, I will be happy to share with you “what happens in Vegas” regarding the new products and incredible business opportunity. You can visit and click on “Acuzen Skin” for more details.

Wishing everyone a shanah tovah and a happy and healthy new year.