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You may not realize it since it isn’t something you typically think about. However, we are all products of our own environment. This plays out in numerous ways, and includes our chosen profession. I have noticed patterns with patients and their corresponding jobs over the years. Let me explain.

I often treat teachers and educators who as they get older have bladder issues. Think about it. A teacher in charge of a classroom or children, cannot easily excuse themselves to the bathroom leaving the classroom unattended. This often means they have to hold their bladder until a break or when the class is over. Doing this repeatedly, many times over the years is a recipe for a weakened bladder. Their Qi can be deficient in the corresponding meridians over years of holding it in. In treatment we would focus on strengthening the pelvic floor and the meridians that help strengthen the bladder.

It is commonly known that cross country truck drivers often suffer from hemorrhoids. Sitting in the same position for hours, as well as waiting for a rest stop for relief can be a problem. Repeating this habit for years on end can be detrimental. In this case the treatment would be focused on raising and preventing prolapse. This would also increase the individual’s strength and stamina which is usually depleted as well.

Dentists- you may be wondering where I am going with this! Think about how dentists are always working sideways along the patient chair. They are literally leaning sideways while hunched over the patient. Often this can be during a long procedure, or when seeing many patients per day where the position is constantly repeated. The first time someone walked into my office and their body was literally disfigured and zig-zagged in the shape of the letter ‘Z,’ I could not wrap my head around it. The dentist position is a sure way to cause the spine to misalign. It can be a slow buildup of neck pain or back pain that has not been treated. Sometimes it appears acutely where they have suddenly become disfigured in the ‘Z’ formation. The chronic and repetitive movement finally caused their body to say enough. With the symptomatic pain it may have started by whispering, but the extreme disfigurement is the body’s way of shouting that it needs help. It actually locks down in protest and gets stuck in that position! If you have never seen what I am referring to, it is actually difficult to picture. It is quite eerie at this point when a new patient comes into AcuZen in this zig-zag formation, and I immediately question if they are a dentist before even glancing at their completed patient forms. The good news is it is possible to correct! It responds amazingly well to Acupuncture. We focus on unlocking, loosening, and realigning the spine. This is necessary so that the patient can return to their required work position without pain, discomfort and tension.

This article would not be complete without a mention of stress relief. Many fall into this category. MDs, Psychiatrists, therapists, social workers, and even Acupuncturists! While we are all trained to be able to compartmentalize, sometimes it is easier said than done. Most people in health care have extreme sensitivity to their patients. Unfortunately, there are

some who show a lack of understanding, and poor bed side manner. These exceptions are for another article! Being sympathetic and being able to emote that sensitivity is essential when providing good patient care. However, it also comes with a downside. It is easy to get caught up in the patient’s welfare, be unable to separate from it, and take it home with you. Some would say this makes you a good practitioner. Someone who cares, someone who continues to think about a patient and how to best help them, is certainly the right advocate you want. However, it is essential that even medical providers realize the importance of having an outlet. Holding much of this internally can be detrimental. It can cause stress levels and anxiety to escalate to severe degrees. We all became more sensitive to this need during the beginning of COVID when essential workers were hit hard with an endless amount of daily trauma and grief. I treat many Health care providers in my practice daily. They are the smart ones who recognize the amazing way Acupuncture can relieve stress and anxiety. They incorporate Acupuncture into their own personal wellness regimen, so they can be better and stronger for their own patients! For those of you who follow my Instagram page, you know that rain or shine, I walk 4 miles super early every morning before staring my work day. In addition to treating myself with Acupuncture for stress relief, I also start each and every day with exercise. It allows me to clear my head. It allows me to give 100% of myself to my patients.

We are all products of our own environment, including our professions. However, there is no need to consider changing jobs! Instead try and look at yourself as an outsider for a minute. Think about the physical stress your job takes on your body. More importantly think about the mental stress your profession and daily job take on your wellbeing.

It is essential to take care of yourself utilizing Acupuncture, exercise, and overall self-care. Allowing yourself to become depleted, is a sure path to failure. It will lead to increased pain, physical issues, and overall stress and anxiety. Begin by taking baby steps by incorporating wellness in order for you to be the best you can be in all walks of life. You will reap the benefits and want more. It will become a wonderful addiction. Becoming addicted to your Acupuncturist is the best kind of addiction!