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It is a common misconception that acupuncture is primarily used for back pain, joint pain, and headaches. While acupuncture is certainly very effective for these conditions, many people are unaware of the extensive reach of acupuncture and the many other conditions it can benefit and heal naturally.

While I treat many men in my practice for various conditions, I find a common thread among the women I treat often revolves around their monthly cycle. Acupuncture is highly effective for resolving these kinds of issues.

More than 60 percent of women suffer from PMS. Their spouses or family members can attest that it’s not the highlight of their month. Classic symptoms are all too familiar for many women. Abdominal cramping, moodiness, tenderness, constipation, fatigue, and an excessive ravenous appetite are all common symptoms. Some people choose to utilize over-the-counter medicines to try and temporarily alleviate their symptoms. Occasionally they may even miss school or work because of the severity of the symptoms and the discomfort they experience.

Many women may falsely believe this is the norm. They have resolved themselves to thinking that it will always be this way. Thus they believe that taking medicine is the only option for relief, even though it only helps temporarily.

This is completely erroneous. PMS and the accompanying symptoms are a signal the body gives indicating an imbalance. When the body is functioning as it should, it should not be painful or inhibit one’s daily activities and routine in any way. The cycle should be regular. Any variation, whether minor or significant, gives an indication of where the issues within the meridians lie. The specifics help determine the precise individual diagnosis for the particular patient. This allows a customized treatment for you in which the changes will be more quickly and wholly experienced.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are extraordinary in helping alleviate PMS symptoms, as well as promoting regulation within the monthly cycle. In my practice, I treat both PMS and regularity concerns on a daily basis. Once we get a handle on the issues, my patients often question why they never tried acupuncture for this before! They cannot believe they suffered so long when a viable alternative was so easily within reach, one that has only positive effects and no negative ones.

Perimenopause can be a trying time in a woman’s life. As soon as a woman has gained confidence and is comfortable with her cycle, everything gets thrown up in the air–no rules apply. Perimenopause can be an emotionally draining and frustrating time. The irregularity can increase stress and anxiety and leave a person feeling stagnated in body and spirit. Some of the classic symptoms women experience during this time are night sweats and hot flashes. They can also have a surging heat sensation that climbs up the chest, giving a flushing sensation to the face and head. It may also be felt in the palms and soles of the feet as a hot clammy feeling.

These sensations often have an unpredictable onset and can be overwhelming. This is a time that the kidney yin and yang are deficient and need to be nourished in order to properly support the body to achieve homeostasis. This can also be experienced with issues regarding hair thinning and hair loss, and even manifest in lower back pain and joint pain if not resolved.

Acupuncture along with Chinese herbal medicine not only helps resolve the symptoms that you are having difficulty tolerating, but also gets to the root of the issue, so that it stops the problem from recurring. In this instance by nourishing and supporting the kidney meridian, you help stabilize the menopausal symptoms while simultaneously ensuring that you can get through this time in a more stable and soothing manner.

It’s time to experience acupuncture at its finest–if not for yourself, then for the people hiding from you during that time of the month!