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Nassau Herald; By Jeff Bessen

Dr. Deborah Rothman was literally hit on the head roughly 15 years ago, and it changed her life. While running a business office, Rothman checked on a leaky roof, fell, flipped over and struck her head. Hard.

“My speech was slurred, I had a massive concussion, a horrible case of vertigo, for six months I was vomiting 30 times a day, I was out of everything,” she said in describing her traumatic brain injury.

Western medical advice of “brain rest” was for her “literally useless,” Rothman, 48, said. A friend, who was seeing an acupuncturist, suggested she should go as well. After six months of treatment, Rothman’s balance had returned and she established a strong bond with the holistic philosophy of Eastern medicine.

Appreciative of alternative medicine’s healing properties, Rothman studied at New York College of Health Professions. She previously had graduated cum laude from Brooklyn College and received recognition from the prestigious national Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society.

With an office attached to her Woodmere home, Rothman began AcuZen and built a practice through her acupuncture and massage therapy. Since July, she has been at 347 Mulry Lane in Lawrence. There are now two salt caves, including one that accommodates two people, and a yoga studio.

Himalayan salt combines with relaxing music in a dimly lit space to create a calm environment to relieve medical issues ranging from insomnia and stress to respiratory conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, commonly known as COPD, and cystic fibrosis. “The salt caves are amazing for healing,” Rothman said, adding it treats skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Alex Catalano said his wife, Pam, pushed him to go five years ago, after she began treatments following a severe accident. He was suffering from golf and racquetball injuries. Alex said the results, both his and Pam’s, is why he continues to receive acupuncture and massage therapy treatments. “I refer people, and not just in the Fives Towns, there is nothing like the salt caves,” he said. “Deborah has put her heart, sweat and tears into this place. It’s a great place. Very professional.”

The exact date — Oct. 19, 2016 — is seared into Pam’s memory. Pregnant with her second child, then severely burned, she had skin graft surgery and her condition made it more difficult to walk.

“When I was able to start walking it was very limited,” she said. “I made an appointment and Deborah was so gracious. She helped me get back on my feet in the very first session.” Pam has continued treatments that she said helped with post-partum depression and helps maintain her health. “I love her. I probably couldn’t go on without her,” Pam said laughing.

A first time consultation and acupuncture is $175, follow up visits are $95. The large salt cave is $45 for 45 minutes and the private salt cave is $60 for 20 minutes. Rothman also found an ancillary business — hosting parties. With a kitchen area, adults have had wine and cheese along with a salt cave or yoga session. “I never expected it, I think it’s great,” she said.

City-based optometrist Dr. Daniella Rutner has been receiving acupuncture for a little more than a year. She began after a friend, who thought Rutner was rundown, gave her a gift certificate. “I went a couple of times when I was going through some medical issues,” she said. “I found it really, really helpful. Yoga and the salt cave is the best combination.”

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