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Human nature is that we have a tendency to procrastinate doing things that seem tedius, boring, or habitually are not really things we are incentivized to do.  New Year’s Resolutions are a prime example of this.  I have never believed in New Year’s Resolutions.  I am not one to make promises that I cannot, or do not intend to keep.  It does not really make a difference to me if those promises are to other people, or to myself.  I prefer to stick within the realm of my own reality and accomplish the goals I establish for myself.  I have never been one who sits down and takes it easy.  I enjoy a good challenge and constantly push myself to do more for myself as well as for my patients.

I often see people floundering in both mind, body and spirit.  They are looking for something to pull them up and to help guide them towards finding peace and contentment.  Physical ailments put a damper and restrict one’s ability to set goals and achieve them.  However, more often it is the individual’s own mindset that hampers them the most.  People are so weary of change and in trusting themselves to make good decisions.  Very often they are stuck in a particular place whether it is at work, or at home where they are actually preventing themselves from taking things to the next level.  You often see this with people who are unemployed.  They are constantly seeking that perfect opportunity and thus let things pass them by.  It is most unfortunate as the reality is that the opportunities are the ones we create, the ones we make for ourselves.  In most cases our future is in our own hands.  It is waiting for us to take it by the horns and take that leap, jump on it and create our own destiny.  Additionally, we often see this with self- care.  People often stop me on the street and begin telling me they really want to make an appointment, they have been meaning to get started, etc, etc…  The intention is there, but they fail to take that crucial first step.  What is holding you back from taking the initiative to start making a change in your wellness? 

Taking the initiative into changing your health and wellness goals, may on the surface seem easier said than done.  However, the first step is having the understanding that it is within our grasp.  Once you have this secured, you can begin the journey of attaining it and enjoy the road ahead to achieving optimal wellness.  There are some things that can help you in this endeavor.  At AcuZen Wellness, we make it easy for you to achieve a pain free lifestyle, while maintaining a healthy mind: body connection.  The wellness center is a one stop for all your health and wellness needs.  Having Acupuncture on a regular basis helps achieve your wellness goals.  It makes what seems impossible a reality. 

◊ Acupuncture has been proven as a chief method for pain relief used for over 4,500 years. By releasing pain relieving endorphins on a chemical level, it allows your body’s own energy to heal itself instead of utilizing pharmaceutical medications that may have devastating side effects.  I often have patients who achieve complete pain relief telling me they wish they had tried it sooner!

◊ Acupuncture reduces stress and anxiety.   Changes in the metabolic reaction within our nervous and circulatory systems allow us to move Qi and blood for proper circulation.  By releasing norepinephrine and serotonin on the neurological level, it helps us feel more relaxed and creates a shift in the body.  The effects are felt immediately.  The lasting benefit is achieved with a series of treatments.  Acupuncture alleviates pain as well as achieves balance for a mind-body connection as well.  Acupuncture helps you achieve clarity.  It allows you to have more awareness of both your mind and body.  This can benefit children who have difficulty focusing, as well as adults who feel they are all over the place and lack direction and focus. 

◊ Acupuncture strengthens Immunity.  It is evident that ever since the height of Covid, we have all experienced a more susceptible and weaker immune system.  Even the simple cold, cough, runny nose and body aches in addition to viruses, the flu, and covid all seem to linger longer.  We may find ourselves getting sick more often.  We may find it holds a stronger punch and knocks us out for a longer period of time.  Acupuncture is an incredible tool for boosting your immune system.  It is best to begin treatment before you feel sick, so it begins working preemptively.  Studies also show that Acupuncture releases T-cells throughout the body allowing it to destroy bacteria and harmful viruses. 

◊ Acupuncture is fantastic at boosting your energy to help you get through the day.  Many people feel themselves dragging and looking at the clock at work and counting down the minutes.  When fatigue sets in it can not only exhaust you physically but drain you emotionally as well.  It makes it difficult to deal with even minor bumps and mishaps, let alone the tribulations that life, work, family and financial stress often bring.  Acupuncture helps provide a lasting energy boost.  It is a pure healthy adrenaline rush that your body welcomes.

◊ The salt caves at AcuZen are truly an oasis. You feel like you have stepped into a different time period and can easily escape your daily anxiety.  You lay back and relax in a dimly lit room, on a zero-gravity chair only taking off your shoes.  The serenity of the background music, the coolness and optimal temperature nurturing the tons of salt provides a meditative background.  In addition to stress relief, and helping with insomnia, the Himalayan salt dispersed into the air is incredible for helping congestion from colds, sinus issues, the flu, covid, etc.  it is amazing for people suffering from respiratory issues such as asthma.  We keep buckets and shovels on hand so even the youngest child can play in the salt much as they do at the beach. 

◊ Microneedling with vegan stem cells is the optimal method for achieving youthfulness and aging backwards in a natural way.  It keeps you looking younger, ridding of aging lines and filling in wrinkles.  It creates a natural collagen and elastin boost for achieving youthfulness.  It allows for 300% increased serum absorption.  Facial Rejuvenation through microneedling is great for targeting specific problem areas including frown lines, crow’s feet, smoker’s lines, melasma and age spots, eye bags and puffiness etc.  Microneedling can help you achieve that youthful glow you are looking for.  At AcuZen we carry all natural skin care regimens to help you along your journey of youthfulness.  We wholeheartedly believe that looking good is feeling good! 

Get rid of the negative stigma of establishing New Year’s Resolutions.  Instead of setting yourself up for failure, let us help you stop procrastinating and utilize Acupuncture to help guide you.  We can help you embark on a journey to realizing a healthier more productive you.   Allow yourself to welcome and embrace the Holistic Healing that AcuZen Wellness Center will bring in both mind, body and spirit.  Celebrate and embrace it as you set out and accomplish your goals.